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About Us

About Fuentes Handyman

We Offer The Best Handyman Services in San Bernandino County

20Years’ Experience in Handyman Services

We’ve been triumphant all these 20 years. Sacrifices are made up with success.

What can we do for your home?
Through the collaboration with customers in discussing needs and demand, we're able to attain mutual understanding, gain customer trust to offer appropriate advice, and bring about suggestions on suitable technology to transform your business.
What are the advantages of Fuentes Handyman?
We are a locally owned and operated business, with more than 20 years of experience serving in San Bernandino County, CA. There is no job too big or too small for our team. Call today, and let us put our experience to work for you!
Accessible and high-quality services
We offer the most affordable pricing for quality handyman services in San Bernandino County & Surrounding Areas, so if you need assistance, please contact Fuentes Handyman, today.

Why We’re Different

Handyman Services in San Bernandino County

Fuentes Handyman Services offers a wide range of handyman services, including small drywall repair, drywall patch repair, and drywall remodeling.

Backed by several years of experience, I will not only do the job in a timely fashion, but I will also do the job right the first time. I use only the highest quality drywall, so you can be sure that any job I complete will last for years to come.

Fuentes Handyman offers a professional paint touchup service that will make your home look like new. From picking the perfect color to providing painting touchups, I will take care of every step of your next project. Get the best handyman professional at an affordable rate and contact me today at Fuentes Handyman Services.

We know how important it is to provide quality service, that is why we work hand in hand with our clients to guarantee the best of our services. We are known for not ending our work without our clients being satisfied and happy with the service provided.

Give Fuentes Handyman Services a call and let me handle your drywall touchup project today!


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    Our Value

    Quality Assurance System

    Our service offerings enhance customer experience through secure & highly functional end-to-end warranty management.

    Our Experience

    More than 20 years serving our clients, we are very proud of that.

    Full Services

    I can provide affordable, high-quality assistance for many different types of repairs and maintenance; just tell us where and what, and we'll devise a solution for you.

    Trained Staff

    Rest assured that our staff will provide you with a high-quality and detailed service that you can be proud of. Call us now and we will gladly assist you.

    We perform all kinds of Handyman services
    We ensure the success of our work.

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